How to play MovieStarPlanet


I was doing a research on theme How to play MovieStarPlanet and I got a just a few results on Google, including a Youtube videos. I do not know what is the reason of all of that, but I decided to do one written tutorial about that and how to play and etc.including one tip for free V.I.P. and some other stuff.

Firstly, I will introduce to you this game, like what this game is about, who is playing this game – in that I mean what ages are interesting in this game – who create this game, what this game can give to you and what can you give to this game. Then I will do a tutorial about how to play this game and how to do something what is not okay to do, but every gamer do that stuff from time to time.

So, first what we have to answer is – What this game is about?

This game is about that you create your character and then you are doing some stuff like in real life, your being social, making friends, giving to your friends items – by items I mean gifts – and one main stuff in this game is to create your movie in game and to become a movie star. When you became a movie star you can be famous and popular, so everyone will know for you in game and every kid have on his mind to be popular like some real popular people from Hollywood.

Next what we have to answer is – Who is playing this game – ages

Mostly, this game are playing kids are teenagers who are crazy about this game and this game is created for players from ages between 8  and 15 years. But there is sometimes and older players who like this game and I do not know what is so interesting in this game for us older players, but okay, everyone play what he likes.

Who create this game

Well I did not found who created MovieStarPlanet game but I can say surley that they did all best to create the best game on this theme – creating your own movie in game and etc.



What this game can give to you

This game cannot give as much as you can give to her, but you can develop your creativity and you can be the best in creating movies and so on.

What you can give to this game

You can give to this game your time and your money, so I will tell you how to not do that and why.

Now let’s talking about tutorial.

First, go to their website, you have to fill some empty fields like enter your username, password and email, then you can manage your character like what ever you want and that’s all. I did not want to write more about this, because our main topic is here – How to not give money for the game

I found one very pretty thing for this game and that is MovieStarPlanet hack that is working on online private servers and it can give you a diamonds, starcoins and V.I.P. for free and you don’t have to pay for this stuff like in game. You can choose like 200,000 diamonds and about 2 million starcoins, and you can choose from 1 month to 12 months free V.I.P. You do not have to be scared, game will not find out that you are cheating because it’s protected by newest protection systems.  On their site you have a video explanation how to use it and video proof that this thing is working.

Interesting game to play – Clash royale for iOS and Android

last week I finally decided to go to Italy. It’s not vacation the reason I want to go, it’s because I want to work there and earn more money for the house I started to build. Her in Serbia living is hard and if you are like me, no college, then you have to work hard to survive. I’m working as a baker and I like that, but here you can work anything and after a while you will start to hate your job.


Why? Because you will have to accept low pay, your boss will be jerk, you will work with people who are interested only for money and because of that they will push you to your limit. I already changed so many firms, same thing in every. In the beginning everything is so great and your future boss promise you all the good stuff. And then after a while, your pay is getting lower, you are pushed to limit of your strength and in that environment everyone are so annoying and it’s so hard to work with people when they are like that. I don’t expect that in Italy everything will be so great but at least my pay will be ten times bigger.


If I manage to earn enough one day I will have my own baker store and then I will try to make a much better environment for my employees. Anyway, I was decided, I have to try, I was learning language for the past four months and finally I’m ready. My friend Susana is there for already 3 years and she is the one who will help me in the meantime until I find job. Susana was also my neighbor, she is more like sister to me. Today is my last day in Serbia and the last thing I did for my preparation for the trip was finding something that will help me not to be bored in the bus. And I found some great game called Clash Royale. So Clash Royale is one pretty awesome game, I will try to give you a very short explanation about Clash Royale game.

Game is pretty simple for learning to play and it’s very interesting also. In the game you have three towers to defend and three towers to destroy, you can already guess that three are yours and the other three are your opponent towers. You have to attack and defend in the same time. With a different type of troops you can create you strategy to defend and attack in the same time. Only thing you won’t like is that if you want to make your progress faster you will have to pay with real money and that is so stupid. But I met some other players on the Facebook and I have a solution for this. Listen this, there is a Clash Royale hack. This tool is uploaded on the site and is absolutely free for use, you don’t have to pay. It’s also absolutely protected so you don’t have to be afraid of being banned from the game. This Clash Royale generator will provide you all the resources you need to make your progress faster.

Ourworld – One of best online games there is!

 What are online games and their categories?

The online games have become the trend today. The people love to play the online games they find it exciting and adventurous. You can see the different types of games are available online due to which the people are attracted towards the games. With the help of the technology the developer had develop the many online game website through which the people can enjoy the games. You can see the different categories in the online game which gives you the opportunity to play whichever game you want to play.

Let’s see the concept of the online games

ourworld players

Online games

Online games are the game which is used for the entertainment purpose. The people who want the fun and adventure, they just play the online games. You can find the different varieties in the online games through which you can earn the extra points in the games. There are different categories available online of the games through which the people can enjoy their favorite games.

Some of the categories of the online games are given below:

  • Arcade games: Arcade games are the category of the online games. You can play the arcade game like: space invaders, donkey Kong and so on
  • Puzzle game: Puzzle game is also available online through which the people have to solve the puzzle in the game. In other words we can say it a brain game because the people have to use their brain to solve the puzzle
  • Racing: There are many people who love the racing game. There are many difficult and easy level through  which the people find it genuine to play it and enjoy

In this way you can find the different categories of online games and can enjoy it.

One of the popular website of the online games is ourworld. Let’s know something about the ourworld website

online games


Ourworld is the popular game website through which you can play the variety of the games like hunger games, energy and so on. By playing the games from this website you can earn the ourworld gem codes which is type of the coupon used to unlock the different levels in the game. In other we can say that the ourworld gives you the opportunity to play the various games on it.

When you will start to play the ourworld games then you will find it interesting and exciting. There is challenge in every level in the ourworld games. You can use the ourworld hack to unlock the accessories and levels in the games.

You can find the ourworld gems codes generator through which you can earn the limitless coin in the games. Ourworld is the multiplayer game through which you can play it with your friends or colleagues.

You will also see the ourworld cheats in the game. With this game you will be fully lost in the fantasy of the online games. There are many levels in the game through which you will be able to unlock the other levels.

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